Customer Service Beaten Into An Early Grave?


As a High Street shop, we feel our role is to resolve the division in retail, between face to face shopping and the Internet.

These two sectors now offer very different benefits, yet continue to fight it out as if they occupy the same market space.

We rarely discount!

Nor do we offer the same prices you would find on the Internet. Instead of engaging in a price war, we choose to offer face to face service, conversation, experience and expertise.

We simply aim to charge customers the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, in order to remain in the business of offering exemplary customer service.

We are even available outside opening hours for appointments and private viewings.

By being profitable, we start to create additional resources to facilitate altruism.

And by altruism, we don’t mean just giving away the odd instrument, pick, reed or string!

We think you will like the sound of what we are going to do next!

If you want to find out where we are headed, keep watching this space…

Anurajyati (be in love)

Mark Ty-Wharton
by order of the sonus magus