Abbey Mews Street Piano

PLAY MEHey you!

Come and check out our new street piano in Abbey Mews Arcade!

Our piano has been tuned to 432Hz by resident Glastonbury genius Michael Tyack of Circulus

Then don’t forget to drop into UNIT 10 to take a look at the rare and unusual musical instruments we sell.

If circuit bending, or Arduino synthesisers are your thing, then we have a couple of things to show you that will knock off your pointy shoes!

Or maybe the RUNECASTER guitar which we just commissioned our resident Viking, Ted to burn for us! We are now official stockist for Fender, so if you fancy one of these with a genuine USA telecaster neck and a choice of tonewoods for the body, then come and talk to us. We even have a local guy who hand winds our pickups!

And don’t forget, we can still cater for your more ordinary needs.

If you need violin strings, or a flute? then we pride ourselves on being the only music shop in the UK where traditional instruments are special order only.

Just in case you haven’t read about Mark Ty-Wharton (Mark Tinley, our high functioning autistic sales loon) on Wikipedia – then we would like to point out that it is his birthday today (March 18).


If you play HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the piano, watch this space…

We have been told that Clare Grogan is about and she might just jump out of a cake?

And keep an ear open for Rachel, our local piano teacher?

Who may drop in and play Chopin for an hour!

Be here, or be a geodesic meme

Anurajyati (be in love)

by order of the sonus magus