Glastonbury Fringe 2017 – The Piano Under The Stairs

Between June 9th and the 21st, why not take a magical walk through the Mews to the Tor and on your way discover the piano under the stairs. Abbey Mews Arcade is like an ugly post modern version of Diagon Alley (the cobblestoned wizarding alley and shopping area in the Harry Potter movie) – almost completely hidden from the world of Muggles …

Look under our stairs however and we don’t have Harry Potter, we have a piano tuned to 432Hz by Michael Tyack of Circulus fame

Various people have promised to play for us … including Jonny Depp, Nicholas Cage and of course our very own Michael Eavis.

Keep an eye on the door of the art gallery, the hair salon, or the music shop for dates and times of events and players.

Be there or be square …