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Name: Mark Ty-Wharton

Birth name: Mark Simon Tinley

Also known as: Tinley

Born: March 18th 1963, Southampton General Hospital, Hampshire, England.

Genres: Acid House, Alternative, Experimental, Glitch, Punk, Sound Art, Spoken Word.

Role: Author, Creative Thinker, Music Technologist, Public Speaker.

Instruments: Drum Machine, Guitar, Keyboards, LOGIC, MIDI Guitar, MIDI Programming, Pro Tools Programming, Synthesisers, Synthesiser Programming, Vocals.

Specialising in: 3D Soundscapes, Binaural recording, Presentations using Sound Art.

Best known for: Work as a MIDI Guitarist, Pro Tools Programmer, Recording Engineer and Record Producer with Adamski, The Dandy Warhols, Duran Duran, TV Mania.

Career: I was a founder member of Lymington based punk band Peeping Toms with Shaun Morris. Original members of Peeping Toms went on to form The Cropdusters. I moved to London to pursue a career as a professional musician in 1982.

Inspired by industrial synthesis band SPK, I focused on home recording and worked on projects which involved layering sound using cassette recorders.

I toured with Dormannu as their guitarist and played on a John Peel session in 1984.

I was a founder member of Tabathas Nightmare and we were one of very few bands who played live shows at London’s Batcave Nightcub.

In 1987 I established an audio visual recording studio, Pepper Productions and received awards for best music for corporate video.

I was a member of Diskord Datkord with my brother Adam (better known as Adamski) and Jonny Slut of Specimen. We signed to SOHO Records and released one single, a cover version of X-Ray Spex ‘Identity’.

I formed Britain’s first Acid House band The Garden Of Eden with fashion designer Pam Hogg, singer Angela McCluskey, KISS FM DJ Steve Jackson and Darrell Lockhart. We formed our own record label and enlisted the help of photographer Peter McArthur to create a video.

In the Christmas week of 1988 the song The Garden Of Eden peaked at number 93 in the UK Singles Chart and reached number 11 in the UK Dance Chart. The video was played several times on the British television show The Hitman And Her.

I then worked with my brother Adam and British singer Seal, as a MIDI programmer and front of house sound engineer. We toured Europe and the United States to promote the single “Killer“.

In 1993 I was introduced to Duran Duran, hired as a keyboard programmer, and soon became an integral part of their songwriting and production team, working mainly with keyboard player Nick Rhodes.

I went on tour with the band, programmed the backing tracks and prepared and maintained the complex synthesizer set-ups used during live shows. I introduced a digital audio workstation into the Duran Duran workflow at “Privacy” (the home studio in guitarist Warren Cuccurullo’s living room). I am responsible for mixing the only Duran song to make it to release from this studio; Silva Halo.

My band Paris Working supported Duran Duran at Wembley Arena in 1994.

I continued to work as a sound engineer and producer on Duran Duran’s subsequent albums Thank You (1995), Medazzaland (1997), Pop Trash (2000).

I created the TV Mania project with Rhodes and Cuccurullo.

When the original five members of Duran Duran played their first notes together in over fifteen years in a Villa in St Tropez, I was responsible for creating the recording space. I was the Pro Tools engineer and did the pre-production and synthesiser programming on Astronaut (2004).

I was a sound engineer, guitarist and programmer on The Dandy Warhols‘ Welcome To The Monkey House (2002) working on the production with Nick Rhodes.

I released a four track EP with singer Sally Boyden titled TinBoy (2005).

I took a career break in 2006 after being diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, a form of High functioning Autism. I am available for work as a (MIDI) guitarist, synthesiser editor/programmer and digital audio sampling/workstation op.

I recently designed a soundscape for Duran Duran’s Second Life Islands.

I currently live in The Land Of The Summer People with my partner and son.