Abbey Mews Street Piano

PLAY MEHey you!

Come and check out our new street piano in Abbey Mews Arcade!

Our piano has been tuned to 432Hz by resident Glastonbury genius Michael Tyack of Circulus

Then don’t forget to drop into UNIT 10 to take a look at the rare and unusual musical instruments we sell.

If circuit bending, or Arduino synthesisers are your thing, then we have a couple of things to show you that will knock off your pointy shoes!

Or maybe the RUNECASTER guitar which we just commissioned our resident Viking, Ted to burn for us! We are now official stockist for Fender, so if you fancy one of these with a genuine USA telecaster neck and a choice of tonewoods for the body, then come and talk to us. We even have a local guy who hand winds our pickups!

And don’t forget, we can still cater for your more ordinary needs.

If you need violin strings, or a flute? then we pride ourselves on being the only music shop in the UK where traditional instruments are special order only.

Just in case you haven’t read about Mark Ty-Wharton (Mark Tinley, our high functioning autistic sales loon) on Wikipedia – then we would like to point out that it is his birthday today (March 18).


If you play HAPPY BIRTHDAY on the piano, watch this space…

We have been told that Clare Grogan is about and she might just jump out of a cake?

And keep an ear open for Rachel, our local piano teacher?

Who may drop in and play Chopin for an hour!

Be here, or be a geodesic meme

Anurajyati (be in love)

by order of the sonus magus

Customer Service Beaten Into An Early Grave?


As a High Street shop, we feel our role is to resolve the division in retail, between face to face shopping and the Internet.

These two sectors now offer very different benefits, yet continue to fight it out as if they occupy the same market space.

We rarely discount!

Nor do we offer the same prices you would find on the Internet. Instead of engaging in a price war, we choose to offer face to face service, conversation, experience and expertise.

We simply aim to charge customers the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, in order to remain in the business of offering exemplary customer service.

We are even available outside opening hours for appointments and private viewings.

By being profitable, we start to create additional resources to facilitate altruism.

And by altruism, we don’t mean just giving away the odd instrument, pick, reed or string!

We think you will like the sound of what we are going to do next!

If you want to find out where we are headed, keep watching this space…

Anurajyati (be in love)

Mark Ty-Wharton
by order of the sonus magus

The Question

I have been writing a book since 2009. While the book lacks clarity and direction and needs a lot of work, I did publish several teasers – available here:

While what follows bears some similarity. This excerpt, from a chapter of the unfinished book is much clearer than I remember and poses the most important question of all.

The Question
(If Science replaces religion, then what should replace science?)

For any scientific experiment to have validity, tests need to be carried out against a series of constants. The test is carried out on just one variable upon which a scientist will report their findings. Experiments are designed to look at one thing a time. More than one thing to look at? Then you need to design multiple experiments. In essence it seems the more we uncover, the more we need to do to corroborate our findings. Not being able to design enough experiments, or map variables fast enough has to be one of the biggest failings of science.

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better…
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The very nature of the physical universe is that everything is variable all at once. While these variables happen relative to one another, some things vary more than others. Rocks for example, in their immediate surroundings, display little momentum and move and change very slowly. Wind on the other hand, or peregrines, can move and change relatively quickly. To date, light is the fastest known variable. Because it is a very big number which only fluctuates a very small amount it is almost constant and is used as such by scientists commonly being denoted as c.

The length of a metre is defined from this “constant”, as is the international standard for time. Yet c exists, not because it exists… It exists simply because c itself was defined, most notably in the most famous equation of them all E = mc2.

And c is not even the speed of light, it is the speed of light in a vacuum. In the absence of direct evidence of anything actually constant we place it in a space of nothing. The real constant we are measuring all of life up against is hypothetical. We make an assumption about the universality of physical laws, which strangely seems to work for most calculations. Dark matter? Infinity? Zero?

Perhaps relativity itself is the constant?

Everything and nothing all at once, a paradoxical un-knowable. It exists and it cannot yet be explained. Underneath all that happens, all that is, there is this silent relativity, the life force energy. It can even be found within the human experience.

Light speed is understood to be a theoretical limit. The speed of electricity and light, the forces of gravity and magnetism and c are currently believed to hold the same value.

Without any way to measure for a true constant, in the realms of relativity it seems impossible to find out what underpins reality. Theory is further confounded with the concept of a variable speed of light, in which is stated that the speed of light in a vacuum may not be constant in most cases. Anything physical becomes yet another circular reference. Without anything solid to ground it in, is my experience enough to prove the physical universe exists? Is it enough to prove the experience exists?

Religion gave us a world of beliefs…

Religion gave us a world of beliefs, of faith in Gods and Goddesses, of explanations for the inexplicable. Before science came along and challenged these beliefs, they seemed plausible. So science gets to challenge your unchallenged beliefs?

Challenging the ‘facts’ of science?

How often do we challenge the truths of science? The law of gravity? It’s a strong statement isn’t it. Scientific fact? Science declares and relies upon fixed values, axioms, constants. We think of these axioms as relative constants, events on an event horizon.

There is nothing constant in the physical universe.

There are no facts.

If the expanding universe is constantly changing, if there are no fixed constants and the apparent fixed constants are merely assertions…

Then what???

See you on the other side of the looking glass,

Anurajyati (be in love)

You May Just Walk Alone…

Thanks for pointing out you can get *** ******** cheaper online!

It fills my heart with abundance and joy every time I hear about it.

I learned something incredibly valuable when I opened the shop.

There is a real community spirit in Glastonbury, of people who don’t feel the way you do.

Perhaps one day you will become a part of it?

Many Glastonbury musicians are willing to support small unprofitable enterprises like mine to help them grow.

Most understand how the flow of energy stops with Scrooge at penny pinching.

“Glastonbury without a music shop” I hear the stagnant frivolous thrifty cry… “OH NO”

And in they all come to have a look.

“Wow I didn’t know you were here can you get me a…” then they try stuff out, listen to my expert advice and off they go…

I am sure they will scurry away and find some way to save a 20p here and a 50p there on this and that?

But the extraordinary amount of energy it takes to do that ;/)

Energy that could better be used to become the artist they pretend to be – or God forbid actually even play some music?

Anyway, God bless ’em because, they are surely lost…

Just in case you missed the point of the shop?

Why I knew where to find the product you wanted to buy?

Why I took the trouble to send you the information?

Why I double checked the prices against eBay UK prices to make sure I matched them?

Like Glastonbury Noticeboard, an exchange of community energy…

The music shop IS here for people who want convenience.

The music shop IS here for people who PLAY music.

The music shop IS here for people who VALUE community, community magic, community connection…

Without the presence you WILL of course end up walking alone.

On 8 Jan 2017, at 09:27 ********@********.*** wrote:

Hi Mark.

Thanks for the offer.

I can get some of them online cheaper than that and from a shop in my home town via a business account.

It is just for convenience that I’ve advertised on the noticeboard.

Best wishes,

Stuck for a last minute gift?

I was talking to someone about Eastern music in the shop today and I talked about the great honour of being the recording engineer on this album –

My friend Warren was the guitarist for Duran Duran at the time. We had a studio in his house in Battersea.

Ustad Sultan Khan turned up with lots of people in white robes. Someone prepared the space for him. We joked that the guy was his “cushion roadie” but his entourage treated him more like a deity.

He was a funny little Indian man to speak to, but when he played I understood why they felt he was so special. He had extraordinary presence when he sang. His Sirangi playing was deeply emotive and kindled a distant memory. Everything within 100 feet of him melted into silent reverie.

I swear to God, even the birds (which usually plagued our recordings) stopped singing to listen.

If you want to truly connect to the essence of what we celebrate about life at this time, then I highly recommend buying this album.
If you love someone, then buy it as a gift.
Anurajyati (be in love)
by order of the sonus magus

Frost Fayre 2017

We are open today, but George Barker has an addiction to folk music, so we may well be on the High Street enjoying the liars.

Of course as you know, I am diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome and cannot lie.

So I will be enjoying the GFM stage, watching Dave Beach.

If you want anything please call the number on the door.

See you there,

Mark & Gina.


This year Lumos Labs, who created the popular brain training resource Lumosity, agreed to pay $2m to settle Federal allegations that it had deceived users about the benefits of using its software. The FTC said that “Lumosity preyed on people’s fears about aged related cognitive decline, but simply did not have the science to back up its ads.”

Apps like Lumosity promise to improve maths ability and memory language skills, but scientists and psychologists are now saying the results are exaggerated. It seems brain training Apps may be not be beneficial after all.

A new report by The Guardian suggests that learning a musical instrument may be the key to better brain function. The research suggests that learning a musical instrument can be beneficial at any age. Doing so may even be helpful for those recovering from brain injuries.

It appears that even short periods of musical training can have lasting benefits, enhancing verbal memory, spatial reasoning and maths and literacy skills. Music is an emotive language that reaches parts of the brain that other things can’t. It is a strong cognitive stimulus that grows the brain in a way that nothing else does. The evidence to support this is very robust.

Playing music is a complex experience, that involves information integration. What we perceive as sight, sound and touch as well as the dexterity it takes to master even the simplest piece of music, creates lasting changes in the brain. More recently, it has come to light that the benefits of musical training seem to last decades. It seems learning a musical instrument protects the brain against cognitive impairment and dementia. Music training perhaps, is one of the most effective forms of brain training available.

Here at SONUS MAGUS we aim to help choose and find the right instrument for you. We can connect you with a competent teacher and to get those neurons firing. Whether you are 8 or 80, come and see us and we can put you in touch with a more intelligent you.

Anurajyati (be in love)

Glastonbury Zombie Walk Guitar by Grace Tudor-Beach

zombie-guitarA big thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket to win the beautiful zombie guitar, originally donated by Sue Neath and hand painted by Grace Tudor-Beach.
The raffle was drawn by Deputy Mayor Emma George in the Avalon Constitutional Club after the zombie walk.
You raised a whopping £248.89
The first prize, the zombie guitar with a tuition book and some SONUS MAGUS picks, was won by the Tin Pot Pasty Co. who I am sure will have a lot of fun with it.
Second prize, was a Haynes Zombie Apocalypse Survival Manual and a musical goody bag, which went to Tim Hale.
Well done Tim!
Third prize, was a mixed bag of music toys in a DEAD HUNGRY lunchbox, which went to Tony.
Well done Tony.
Fourth prize, was a cream tea in a bag, which went to Rick at the Blue Note but Dave Beach might just have eaten it!!!
Oops ;/)
So well done everyone and thank you again for taking part.
by order of
Sonus Magus