Diskord Datkord

Just Seventeen 1987
Just Seventeen 1987

I am sitting with Jon Klein from Specimen and I am playing Steve Jones’ Les Paul guitar through Steve Jones’ amp. It sounds just like the Sex Pistols, but it is me doing it! I am recording a demo and Jon is teaching me to stack guitars.

We are discussing Jonny Slut and my brother Adam. It seems like a good idea to introduce them. And within weeks the band Diskord Datkord is formed.

I find myself fighting a reluctant TR909 which is swimming in reverb and I eventually manage to tame it. “I want it to sound like Schooly D on Acid” Adam is slurring between beers. “Let’s sample Mel and Kim” – Jonny throws a good helping of camp into the mix and something extraordinary starts to happen.

We walk out onto stage at the Sex Maniacs Ball. I am waving a Casio MIDI guitar which is loaded with guitar solos. Someone in the crowd is waving something black and rubbery back at me.

I have fire fighters breathing apparatus adapted as trousers. The clear hood is filled with strawberry blancmange. Jonny appears from a Wendy house wearing long green football socks and tiny shorts. Mick Mercer is in the audience and points a camera.

We launch into a Mantronix style cover of the X-Ray Spex classic “Identity”.

Adam and Jonny take turns to sing and change their outfits between numbers, while I ‘on stage produce’ with a rack of equipment which includes a mixing console to blend live vocals (and live sampling of vocals) with backing tapes.

Listen to ‘Identity’

Listen to ‘Diskord Datkord & Every Other Fucking Chord’

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Obsessed with crossing over styles to create something new, among our songs were Wild Cherry’s ‘Play That Funky Music’ and Joan Jett’s ‘Cherry Bomb’ which were received well at our numerous London shows. (We once made the mistake of playing in Blandford Forum).

Shows included art galleries, theatres, The Sex Maniacs Ball and our own club The Nerve, where surrounded by broken televisions, I added live sampling effects to Adam and Jonny’s DJ’ing antics and provided demonic sound effects for the toilets!

Listen to ‘Play That Funky Music’

Listen to ‘Cherry Bomb’

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Listen to ‘Run For Your Love’

DD+EOFK (Diskord Datkord)
Adam Schmuck (Adam Tinley): vocals, Jonny Slut (Jonny Melton): vocals, Trashmaster T (Mark Tinley): Sampling Champion Of The Universe (backing tapes and live sampling)

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