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It is June the 12th 1984 and I am walking along Delaware Road, Maida Vale. A black taxi creeps across the road ahead of me. I have holes in my shoes and plastic bags on my feet to keep them dry. I step puddles into BBC Studio Four.

I am here to record a session for DJ legend John Peel.

I walk along a long cream corridor and enter a huge room which seems to be furnished with archaic equipment.

A character who reminds me of Ronnie Barker’s Arkwright shuffles across the floor and plugs in ribbon mikes.

I plug into a Fender Twin and immediately discover the only way I can get anything close to my usual sound, is to turn it up. I turn everything to full.

The man in the brown coat tells me to turn it down.

There are rules to this process. Touch nothing, do everything in one take.

Simeon, the singer, hands me a per diem. It is enough to buy cigarettes and beer, or food. I opt for cigarettes and beer and find myself salivating while the rest of the band eat pizza.

Back home at my flat in Coldharbour Lane I listen tentatively, finger poised over the pause button, waiting to hear my name.

Tinley, guitar…

It’s done – I am famous now!

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Dormannu Simeon Warburton: vocals, Wig: bass, Lizard (Marcus Stott): drums, Christine Johnston: keyboards, Tinley: guitar, Dizzy Heights: toasting.