Garden Of Eden

Steve, Tinley & Darrell

“I already have enough problems, I drink a bottle of wine every night, I have an addictive personality, I could do without being addicted to anything else” I heard myself say.

The proposal however was mind blowing, one pill with a street price of twenty five pounds that would let you see into the future. It unravelled the true nature of everything, even showed you your soul, or so he was saying.

I was standing on a street corner in London and had parked my car near Drury Lane, they used to let you do that back then, and here I was waiting with my girlfriend, waiting for the man.

Freuds, significantly we were going into Freuds and it was full of vintage fans, those rather nice black and chrome desk top fans everyone had on their office desk in the eighties. I was in a gritty mood “don’t take it with alcohol” he had said, “or it will make you crazy” and my fear was glitching up against my humanity. I would never set foot in a place like this unless I was at the barely walking stage and it was packed, packed with sweaty office refugees who were trying to find freedom inside a pair of cheap cotton pants.

“Darling” I heard one of them say as she lurched sideways at a chap who looked like he would be boring even in accounts. We sat and waited in the sticky summer atmosphere and then waited some more.

“Why are we in here” I shouted “because he’s gone to get some ticket stubs and the beans” came the reply. We waited some more, then some more. “I need you to listen Tin” he handed me a pill, “I want you to get this, what it’s about, the scene”.

As we walked, High Holborn wasn’t the high I was expecting, then we arrived outside the London Astoria where a swirling crowd of people had taken over an entire three lane street and were trying to get into the club, Trip.

Across a sea of people a nod and fifteen of us linked arms and made like a snake through the crowd into an even hotter lobby. I explored the club listening to my sobriety gnawing away at me, I was hot. Then I felt my legs buckle from under me and I sat on the floor for what seemed like twenty minutes.

When I got up, what I think of as me wasn’t there and in my place, a space of total clarity. Once liberated from myself, something else started listening, taking in everything, exploring this techno ear candy and referencing all detail for the studio.

We needed Christmas, that was it, bells, that’s what we needed!

I sat high in the seats above the old stage surrounded by glowing globes, taking it all in. “Do you meditate”? Darrell Lockhart hollered at me from across a table, a disciple of Sri Mataji Nirmala Devi “try, go inside yourself what do you see”?

“I see a snake” I replied “a coiled snake and it lives inside me protected by a beautiful deep purple velvet bag”. “What do you see in your mind”? his eyes seemed gentle.

“I see a light surrounded by petals, inside each of these petals is an aspect of self, each self has a doorway, a choice” I replied “it’s like a Garden”.

“Yes, for you a Garden Of E” he laughed.

The Garden Of Eden, hailed as Britain’s first Acid House band, charted on 24th December 1988.

The video was played constantly on The Chart Show and The Hitman And Her.

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Designer Acid Flashbacks Pam and I on Mark Stubbs' BSA The Garden Of E

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The Garden Of Eden
Darrell Lockhart: keyboards&drum programming&kundalini, Mark Tinley: keyboards&TB303&sampling&demons, Steve Jackson, Pam Hogg, Angela McClusky: vocals

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