10 Abbey Mews Arcade

Glastonbury, home to the famous Glastonbury Music Festival… What could be more fitting than a music shop, with an assortment of rare and unusual items – for assistance in the art of rebellious noise.

Situated in a shopping area like an ugly post modern version of Diagon Alley (the cobblestoned wizarding alley and shopping area in the Harry Potter movie) – Abbey Mews is almost completely hidden from the world of Muggles…

Glastonbury’s New Music Shop offers:

  • Amplification
  • Bespoke musical instruments
  • Cigar box guitars (in fact we make guitars out of anything we find)
  • Circuit Bending and true 8 bit chiptune circuitry
  • Computer music software setup and support
  • Digital hybrid electronics
  • Guitar parts and repairs
  • Handwired Effects
  • Interface mods
  • MIDI guitar setup
  • Pedal Boards
  • Pickups
  • Six Strings

Our resident sound engineer, Mark Ty-Wharton (aka TINLEY) makes sample packs of some of the more unusual offerings.

We have a range of products for sound practitioners, including:

  • Frequency generators based on the work of Swiss mathematician and musicologist Hans Cousto
  • Guitantras
  • Reikuleles
  • Solfeggio Frequency products and sound charts
  • Various instruments based on the VBM9 scale proposed by Michael Tyack, derived from Phi (the golden ratio)
  • Yoganjos

We also stock a variety of useful things for modern and traditional musicians alike:

  • Accessories
  • Bowed instrument care
  • Guitar leads, XLR etc
  • Microphones
  • Picks
  • Reeds for woodwind
  • Strings

We are official stockists  for:

Our store is located at:

10 Abbey Mews Arcade, 56 High Street, Glastonbury, Somerset BA6 9DY