Make Your Own Remix

Sony Acid Express

Do you have a PC?

Do you fancy learning the art of remixing?

Get Sony’s Acid Express FREE download here

Then download some loops here

Then download the .acd-zip file for the song here

Double click once you have installed Acid Express to load the entire song and start mixing

We have also created some additional parts for you to play with here

And an example session for the additional parts here

Instructions for additional parts and example:

Download the files

Unpack ‘’ and put files in the same folder as ‘Sometimes Suicide Example.acd’

Change the file extension name of ‘Sometimes Suicide.acd-zip’ to ‘Sometimes’

It should now act like a regular zip file

Unpack ‘Sometimes’ and put files in folder with other files

Double click on ‘Sometimes Suicide Example.acd’

Delete example parts from the session and add your own

If you create something cool, please share it with us!