Meet The Team

Mark Ty-Wharton, Music Technologist

Hello, my name is Mark Ty-Wharton.

I am an ADD/Autistic (actually diagnosed and not just saying it to be trendy (ツ) Music Technologist.

I became interested in sound when I was a little boy. I was standing on a pile of dirt, shouting “I am the king of the castle” – when l heard another little boy (who sounded a lot like me) on the other side of a ploughed field shouting back. He seemed to copy everything I said, so I told my Dad. Dad said it was “just” an echo. I decided it was something which was probably worth exploring.

This was 1968. The Apollo Program was in full swing. We watched it all on an old oval screen black and white television with valves that took ages to warm up. It also had bright copper dangerous things inside it, which the repair engineer told me would probably kill me if I touched them.

It was on this same set that I saw Jimi Hendrix one night. The conversation went along the lines of “what are you still doing up?” and “this isn’t suitable for you Mark, go off to bed!” I decided there and then – I wanted an electric guitar. While ‘electric’ was the buzz word of the fifties, going into the sixties and seventies it became ‘solid state’ and ‘transistor’.

My Dad was a keen sailor and we often went off to France on family holidays. Far from anything comprehensible on medium wave, I was fascinated with the modulation between frequencies on World band radio. I used to play with the tuning knob and use short wave like an instrument to make up my own songs.

Growing ever curious, I dismantled record players to find out how they worked. The Children’s Encyclopaedia Britannica had a number of sound experiments which I tried. Then, entering a world of recording, I started using cassette tape to multi-track. I built home made electric guitars from planks of wood and garden string. I cobbled my own mixer and sound on sound systems together using several cheap tape machines and learned the art of balancing sound.

I was born a 20th century boy but embrace 21st century technology. From the eighties, through the nineties the buzz word became ‘digital’. I persuaded the acts I engineered to ditch the recording studio and commit to binary. I was one of many forward thinkers who pioneered the use of Pro Tools and Logic to make complete albums. Past clients include a famous brother and some blokes around my age in a band called Duran Duran.

Hello my name is George Barker and Mark and I get along because Golden Retrievers are in the Guiness Book of Records for being the noisiest breed of dog on the planet.

Also… I really do have golden ears!

According to Wikipedia, my temperament is a hallmark of my breed, and I am described in the standard as: known for being “kindly, friendly and confident”.

I am a fabulous family pet, particularly as I am patient with middle aged men who make ridiculous widdly-widdly noises on modified children’s toys, or shout random comments at inanimate objects, like computers.

I love other people’s dogs coming into the shop, but I am afraid I love it a bit too much and will sometimes smash things with my tail. This is a picture of me trying to get across the counter to make puppies with a customer.

And hey, there are biscuits in the till… When you buy something, I know the till bell ringing means you get the change and I get a treat!