Second Life

Duran Duran Second Life

When I am not rocking out on tour, or in the studio, I am at the end of an Internet connection, creating bespoke sounds for people.

My unique and original synthesiser sounds have been enjoyed by millions of people.

But being known as a programmer who creates unusual synthesiser sounds, in no way goes to show the extent of my skills in sound design.

From being a small boy, I have always been fascinated with interesting acoustic spaces. It may be I have a special sensitivity to sound because I am high functioning autistic?

I am fascinated by space and spatial awareness and it is this particular quality which I bring to Second Life.

After two years of meticulous sound design under the artistic direction of Duran Duran’s keyboard player Nick Rhodes, I am pleased to announce that the Duran Duran Second Life Universe is open for business.

Please explore all the territories and wait a while in locations where there are intricate layers of sound to load.

Go to the picnic area and try flying among the birds in the trees.

Try going in world with headphones.

Listen to the accurate representation of space around you.

Come back here and email me and let me know how you get on.