The use of sound in healing is becoming very popular.

We offer a number of specialist services in this area.

We create bespoke sound healing CDs and DVDs (see our full list of useful frequencies and their interpretations).

We create unique combinations of these tones in many formats, as binaural, heterodynamic, isochronic, or pure tone.

We build bespoke sound generators and customise sound massage tables.

Services include:

  • BESPOKE MP3 PLAYERS (Charged up and ready to go – plug in the supplied headphones and chill out anywhere, you can feel great right now and don’t need to find a CD player or a computer to listen).
  • CDs (Any tone on our list can be burned to CD while you wait).
  • FITMENTS OF TACTILE TRANSDUCERS (When added to your existing massage table, these special units change sound into a vibration you can feel in your body).