Autism Conference
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I am a positive spokesperson for autistic spectrum disorders and deliver a number of speeches and talks about it.

I have catered for large audiences at conferences and sat in informal groups and answered questions.

I speak for between ten minutes and an hour depending on the format of your event.

My message is both inspirational and motivational.

I don’t believe there is such a thing as typical neurology or that people are stereotypical.

There are as many different types of brain wiring as there are people on this planet.

Across the full spectrum of humanity, autism can be thought of as one style of perception, with as many unique outlooks as in what is considered the neurologically typical (NT) world view. There are no two people alike.

The problem with the term typical, is an implication we raise the expectations of autistic people to be more normal, a make wrong.

Culturally, it would be more accurate to say that society has activities, attitudes, ideas and thinking which become regarded as normal or conventional. Regarding autism, these dominant trends can be thought of as mainstream neurology, which puts autism neatly into a niche. By definition, a specialised but profitable corner of the market.

Yes, profitable, everyone has their calling.

I believe every section of humanity has a purpose and serves a function.

If one part of society is dysfunctional, then society is dysfunctional as a whole.

Diversity is and always has been the key to survival.

If you have mainstream neurology, I believe there are more things about us that are the same, than are different.

And I think we can help one another.

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Speaking at 2. Festival Avtizma September 2010

Cambridge NAS Professional Launch Event

Speech at NAS professional launch event in Cambridge